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Families get 20% discount via PTA.
PTA receives 50% of all sales.
No cost to PTA.
No shipping or distribution cost

Steps to Fundraising
Register your PTA for free or contact david@intelliseeds.com.
We’ll send you a complete promotional pack.
PTA sends code and flyer to the parents.
Parents sign up for only $5.5/month or $40/year using school’s unique voucher code to receive access to IntelliSeeds content.
Your school PTA receives 50% of all the proceeds - EVERYONE benefits including you, your school and the students.
Why IntelliSeeds?
IntelliSeeds is a smart learning opportunity. We are an online academic enrichment site with over 2500 practice and speed (time-bound) tests. We cater to age group 3-12 (Pre-kindergarten to Grade 5). We cover several skills including Math, Language Arts, Reading Comprehension and Intelli-Ability. Intelli-Ability section covers several IQ enhancement skills such as Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking and Analytical Ability.
Please create a free account. There is no credit card or commitment needed.
What is IntelliSeeds?

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Welcome to Intelliseeds Learning
Smart learning for your child
Intelliseeds learning provides practice in several subjects including Math, Reading Comprehension, Language Arts, Logical Reasoning, Mental Ability, Analytical Ability and Critical Thinking, which are essential to the success of every student. Skills are organized by grades, topics, practice tests and time bound tests. The Math section covers skills such as counting, number operations, algebra, story problems and many more. The IntelliAbility section focuses on thinking skills, patterns, sequences, problem analysis, analogies and over 50 other topics to help develop your child's brain. Click here to learn more about IntelliAbility. The Language Arts section includes reading comprehension, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, predicates, vowel sounds and many more grammar skills.
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