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Reading and Language Skills
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  Grade 6

Practise   A.01: Commas With Series, Dates, And Places
Practise   A.02: Commas With Compound And Complex Sentences
Practise   A.03: Commas With Direct Addresses, Introductory Words, Interjections, And Interrupters
Practise   A.04: Commas With Coordinate Adjectives
Time Bound   A.05: Review On Commas
Practise   A.06: What Does The Punctuation Suggest?
Practise   A.07: Commas With Nonrestrictive Elements
Practise   A.08: Correct Capitalization Errors
Practise   A.09: Capitalizing Titles
Practise   B.01: Identify And Correct Errors With Plural And Possessive Nouns
 Subject and Predicate:
Practise   C.01: Identify The Complete Subject Or Complete Predicate Of A Sentence
Total Skills: 11


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Intelliseeds learning provides practice in several subjects including Math, Reading Comprehension, Language Arts, Logical Reasoning, Mental Ability, Analytical Ability and Critical Thinking, which are essential to the success of every student. Skills are organized by grades, topics, practice tests and time bound tests. The Math section covers skills such as counting, number operations, algebra, story problems and many more. The IntelliAbility section focuses on thinking skills, patterns, sequences, problem analysis, analogies and over 50 other topics to help develop your child's brain. Click here to learn more about IntelliAbility. The Language Arts section includes reading comprehension, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, predicates, vowel sounds and many more grammar skills.
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